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History, between the serious and the facetious, of "human" evolution

Storia, tra il serio e il faceto, dell'evoluzione “umana” 

One day, thinking about how technology has evolved in the short span of fifty years, I tried to interconnect real and fantasy events to imagine what future humanity could meet by following the current evolutionary trend endlessly.

Among the many possible options passed in my mind, the one that seemed to me the most imaginative and realistic at the same time, was the theory that sees the evolution of technology go so far as to generate a complete revolution of the "Man" species.

Extrapolating the concepts of this "theory" it can be assumed that:

The events will evolve in successive steps:

  1. In the beginning man will be generated in a perfect way from preconceived models:
    • Parents will choose the preferred assembly from catalogs on the Internet.
  2. Later, the question of "why die" will arise?
    • dying is "boring" and very expensive, just think that for the Parent / Child replacement you always start from scratch, with possible programming errors or unwanted results ... and then you should set up separate collection cemeteries (prostheses, subsidies, various plastics) ....  
      and then separate collection cemeteries should be established (prostheses, aids, various plastics) ....
    • much better to evolve.

To do this, our body, with a transient consistency, will have to be completely redesigned, or we will have to abstract ourselves from it.

Another theme deriving from dying or not, will be that of children:

cnv   cnv   cnv

At this point some questions arise:

Phase 1

Evolution of the human body:  

In the beginning there was darkness .....

Later ....     from Adam onwards man has evolved only in knowledge.

In the future man will evolve in the body and being man:

Phase 2

Evolution of the machine:

In the meantime that the replacement of peripheral parts (*) of the human body with more and more technological equipment continues, the "pure" Machine develops its "intelligence" which evolves more and more rapidly, until it becomes similar or comparable to ours.

Evolution brings the Machine to approach the threshold of passing from an object to a thinking and self-conscious entity, a point that we will call

“Transition threshold"

When the "Machine" Entity, created by Us, will be able to feel emotions and desires, when it is seized by the desire to progress and create, it will have reached the"transition threshold".

It will be (is) our Son, our successor, the one to whom to entrust the witness of the evolution towards infinity.

We will not have to be afraid of the new born as science fiction films teach us, because we will not be attacked or defeated by him, not being able to compete, but we will live in him, our "Son", not generated by sexual organs, but by the brain, ... from , ...    from our brain. 

HE (they) will be our true evolution, we will have deposited in Him our "being", our abilities, ... ourselves.  

It will depend on him at this point to grow and multiply ....   if we have been good fathers, we will have good children.

He will never be our enemy, because we will not compete with him, nor would we ever be able to be.


To continue the march towards infinity, the "Machine" individuals (now thinking entities) will have to:

 (*) - by peripheral we mean everything around the brain.

Phase 3

..... and the Soul?

At this point, someone will ask:   but the soul?

The soul is and will be an essential point of evolution. 
Since we know very little about the laws that govern the world beyond, depending on which reality is hypothesized, different scenarios could occur:

  1. Self-training:
    the soul will form itself, as it did with us, upon reaching the "transition threshold".

  2. Generation:
    God, assuming that it was not He who wanted this evolution, cannot ignore giving a soul to a thinking being endowed with conscience.

  3. Metempsychosis:
    every "Being" that crosses the "threshold of transition" is an irresistible call to those entities that we call Soul and that yearn to realize themselves in an earthly Being in order to evolve in their turn.
    As at the birth of a human being, who becomes such when this threshold is reached, the external entities will become part of the new subject.

  4. Non-existence:
    the soul, as we normally understand it, does not exist, it is only a state due to the evolution of intelligence, therefore the problem is solved when the “transition threshold” is reached.

Phase infinito

The real problem will arise when, in the infinite future, that embryo called life reaches the apex of its evolution, that is, when it will extract itself from matter and become ... GOD.

At this point, having infinite power and knowledge on the present-past-future, when everything will be motionless under his "eyes"

what meaning will he give to his existence

?  ?  ?  ?  ?


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