"Running against time"

Tales & reflections

The destiny of humanity:

Luna rossa  We live on a fragile planet subject to cyclical upheavals and to avoid our future extinction we cannot only turn to simple luck, but we must heavily help it.

We are in a race against time, we have a limited period available to develop the technology necessary to free ourselves from the inevitable catastrophes which, in a more or less short space of time, will tend to end our adventure and the adventure of life on planet Earth.

This ineluctable conclusion leads us to ask ourselves some questions:

g      Will we be able to overcome the obstacle?

g      Overcoming the obstacle, what will our destiny be?

g     Expansion and entropy, implosion and cyclicality ....

- Big Bang  &  Big Crunch,

- Parallel universes?

What reason will we then have to live after having conquered all this ?

And if in one way or another everything will have to end, why do we run to progress, to give a future to the new generations or to ourselves? What is the purpose of all this ?
What is the purpose of all this ?

Questions, questions .....     

questions to ask us a single question:

Where are we going, what is our goal?

Our temporary existence is enough to justify life 
life "is" and shouldn't it, can't it be justified?

To these questions,  desperately,  we can only answer: 

“   We want a God !   "


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